6 reasons why Christmas can be a rubbish time for landlords

Posted by Pam Hight on Nov 19, 2019

For most people Christmas rolls two of the best annual highlights into one. In New Zealand we get to have the joy of spending time with family around the tree intertwined with the high likelihood of the weather being good enough for the suddenly full house to spill out into the backyard.

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Is now a good time to invest in property in Taranaki?

Posted by Pam Hight on Oct 16, 2019

Property is a very hot topic at the moment and with a fair amount of reason! From values that are skyrocketing to cooling house prices and record low interest rates combining with increased laws aimed at landlords it seems like anyone and everyone has something to say about the New Zealand property scene. It's important to highlight that none of this article constitutes financial advice and is simply readily available information condensed into one place.

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Investing in Taranaki: the smart move

Posted by Pam Hight on Sep 9, 2019

Taranaki is a place typically associated with two main industries; oil & gas and dairy. Labelled locally as 'black and white gold' for the prosperity both bring to the region, there are new updates that may see the fortunes of the region shift towards newer areas.

Thanks to significant government investment through the Provincial Growth Fund, and a local desire to be known as more, there are large changes coming that the savvy investor can seek to capitalise on. In this article we'll highlight some of these new developments and outline why Taranaki is a region on the up!

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Your annual property maintenance checklist

Posted by Pam Hight on Aug 12, 2019

When you're self-managing a property it can seem like the list of jobs just keeps growing. From leaking showers to gutter cleaning it can seem like there are not enough hours in the day. And if you're not staying on top of all the small jobs then the risk of a massive job suddenly rearing its ugly head becomes more and more likely by the year.

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Healthy Homes: What this means for landlords

Posted by Pam Hight on Jul 15, 2019

The Healthy Homes legislation has been released by the government and aims to increase the quality of rental accommodation across New Zealand. It is doing so by making certain standards a minimum legal requirement for landlords to meet. The properties we manage are all now insulated making them compliant to the standard required at this point of time, but we wanted to share the updated standards that all rentals must meet so that anyone managing their own rental has the information needed to ensure they comply with the new laws before the deadlines.

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The top 5 reasons people choose a property manager

Posted by Pam Hight on Jun 7, 2019

Many people self-manage their rental properties as it can be seen as expensive to use a property manager. After all, giving someone else a slice of your monthly income doesn't seem worth the loss. Yet, on the other side of the fence there are dozens of people that swear by their property manager. So why is there such a divide?

On the surface the objections seem obvious. They cost money and what do they do that a diligent owner doesn't do already? In this article we'll showcase the top 5 reasons why property owners use a property manager. And instead of us explaining the reasons, we'll use them to tell you in their own words.

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Why you should choose McDonald Real Estate for your property management needs

Posted by Pam Hight on May 7, 2019


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Line of Credit Home Loans

Posted by Pam Hight on May 2, 2019

There may come a time in your life where you need to access additional cash (money) relatively quickly, without having to wait lengthy loan approval times or you may simply want to have the comfort and reassurance of cash in the bank ‘so to speak’, without having cash in your bank.

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20 things to think about when buying an investment property!

Posted by Pam Hight on May 2, 2019


There are many important things to consider when buying an investment property. To ensure you make a good decision here are 20 helpful tips that we have put together. 
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Property investment in Taranaki - what you need to know!

Posted by Pam Hight on Apr 8, 2019


Taranaki is a unique region with boundless potential. Not only does it have a growing economy but it offers one of the best lifestyles available in New Zealand. Combine its small ski-field with the rolling west coast surf, and almost every board sport is covered. From tramping the many tracks around the iconic mountain to enjoying galleries, coffee shops and festivals, Taranaki really has something for everyone.

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